Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Over the last couple of days I have listed some more items: yarn, knit and crochet pattern books, a large button lot, a few large assorted bead lots, and a vintage china button card with 70 china buttons. Check it all out at the woolmountaindestash shop.

Still running mark downs on handmade items in the woolmountain shop

On another note; another etsy seller, Vintagepix, purchased my Free Form Helmet hat pattern from etsy and made  a beautiful hat from the pattern that she is giving to Southeast Wisconsin Alzheimer's Association to auction off.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

To Google+ or not to Google+...that be the question.  Ok, I'm a tad bit lost here.  Can anyone comment here as to what the think of Google+.

I really don't understand this Google+ so:

Will it help me get more hits on my blogs?

If yes, how will it do that?

Is there anything I should be concerned about, ie bugs, problems or Google giving out to much info?

Appreciate any direction anyone can offer.
More yarns for sale in the Woolmountain Destash Etsy Shop

Now I'm offering free shipping in the USA and flat rate shipping cost to everywhere else.


At the  Woolmountain Etsy Shop all handmade items have been marked down.  As soon as my new items are ready for listing, all the handmade items presently in the shop will be moved out.  So take a look to see if there is anything you might be interested in.  Keep an eye open here; I'll post when the new items will be listed.

Also, all the  crochet pdf patterns and the knit One Way Scarf pattern are on immediate download from if all goes "right" after you purchase the pattern you should be able to immediately download the pattern and not have to wait for me.  If you have any problems with this contact me via etsy and we will solve it.

I'm now allowing people who have purchased my patterns the ability to sell the items they make from my patterns.  All I request is that you do not sell the pattern itself and you give me credit for the design, ie made by Leslie E. Nelle-Urinyi of Woolmountain Studio and a link to my Woolmountain Etsy Shop.

Till later.....enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Updates and New Items

I know it's been a while, but I'm back and just wanted to post some new items.

I'm recently designed a moebius/mobius scarf.  Finished scarves are available on my woolmountain shop. 

For those of you who are not interested in purchasing a finished product and prefer to knit one yourself,  a written pattern for the scarf will be available soon for the cost of $5.00.  If you are interested in purchasing the pattern when I have it available, either leave a comment here on this page with a note that you would like me to contact you when the pattern is available and with your email address so I can contact you or email me at 

(note subject as moebius scarf pattern) and I will email you when the pattern is available and where you can locate it to purchase.

As usual the pattern will be freestyle, in other words you can use any yarn, any needle, mix yarns all depends on how you want to make it.  For example, in the pics below, there are two red scarves for sale.  Both are made with a red worsted weight wool yarn, however, one I mixed a multicolored sock yarn with the worsted weight and in the other I mixed a mohair/acrylic lace weight yarn with sequins with the worsted weight yarn.  You can see how mixing it up changes the look.

Below are a few of the scarves I have for sale on my woolmountain etsy shop

Red Wool with Mohair/Acrylic and small sequins.

Red Wool with Multicolored Wool Sock Yarn

Cotton, Nylon, Metallic Yarn, great for all year round wear

Cotton, Nylon, Metallic Yarn, great for all year round wear

Purple Wool with Multicolored Alpaca Sock yarn

Multicolored Acrylic Wool blend

I also have some new hats up on the woolmountain shop.  As always if you don't see a color combination that you would like, please contact me via an etsy convo through my shop or email me at  Give me your color choices and I can make one up.  Price for custom orders is the same as hats already made;$30.00 for a helmet hat, $40.00 for the corkscrew style hat and of course FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA.  If you are an international buyer and would like to purchase a hat; please contact me through etsy convo for shipping costs to your location.

I do sell the patterns for both style hats in my etsy shop: click on the links below the pic of the pattern you are interested in and you will be directed to the listing in the etsy shop, where you can purchase the pattern:

Helmet Style Hat $6.99


Freeform/Freestyle Corkscrew hat with earflaps $7.00    

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's been a busy fall into winter.  Numerous craft shows, special orders and, I won't lie, some time for goofing off. 

I have been having fun playing around with ripple pattern berets.  Have done some solids just to start and get the feel for it, but of course as you all well know I have to mix it up...changing yarns, colors and textures every few rows or every row.  Below are some of berets: