Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just love it when I hear from people who have purchased my Freeform/Freestyle Crochet Hat with Earflaps pattern. I'm even more thrilled when people send me pictures of their completed hats.

Robin from Florida did just that. She sent me a picture of her completed hat being modeled by a very special person...Bobby! Bobby is Robin's daughter's boyfriend and considered a part of the family. He was so kind to model the hat and to agree to allow me to post his picture here. I think he looks great with the hat. Robin did a terrific job on her hat, I'm so thrilled.

Now before you look at the picture, while talking with Robin I found out something very interesting about Bobby. He is a dog lover. You all know how much I love dogs, however I never heard of the breed that Bobby has: American Bullnese....absolutely adorable. Take a look at Bobby's site American Bullnese Association and look at the pictures of these adorable pooches.

Now here's Bobby and Hat:

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