Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 International Freeform Challenge

Another year, another great freeform challenge from the International Freeform Yahoo grooup.  Please check out the online show.

Lots of great artists and their wonderful creations!  If you are interested in purchasing a book with photos of all the entries you can find the book here.

Below are pics of my entry, a hat, The Snow Queen, passed on the character in The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson published in 1845, one of my beloved fairy tales from childhood.

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Gil said...

Bom noite amiga! Que vc tenha uma ótima quinta – feira,
bjs, Gil.

O tempo é muito lento para os que esperam
Muito rápido para os que tem medo
Muito longo para os que lamentam
Muito curto para os que festejam
Mas, para os que amam, o tempo é eterno.
William Shakespeare